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Modern Day Treasure Hunting

NES Zapper Red line.png
56 N. Main Street, Rochester, NH
603 339 3204

Sun 12-5

Mon - Thurs 11-6

Fri- Sat - 11- 8

We  sell, buy, and trade

We will look at anything.

We specialize in vintage video games and 80s toys.

Action Figures: Marvel, DC, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Barbie, Star Wars, TMNT, Power Rangers, McFarlane, Funko Pops ...what else you got?

Legos - Retro Game consoles - Collectibles - DVDs

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Nintendo Switch,
Playstation 1 2 3 4 , Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Our store is like a theater, you come for a show. When the show is over you buy a souvenir!

Share your stories on our facebook!

Even more at our

collectiques ebay store

Lego Lounge

In the back of the store you can find the Lego Lounge.

A place where you can build anything you can think of!

Come Chill out and build a thing. 

You can buy it when you are done building it and or you can buy lego by the pond!

Game Room

Retro Competitions!

with 10 console stations we can support up to 20 people battling head to head until the victor emerges! 

We also have original multiplayer arcades and pinball machines! 

Rent our Game Room for your next party, gathering, or just because you can. Make your mark and show your retro superiority! 

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We have a 2nd location. Our sister store in the Manchester area!
All the awesome of yester-year in one place! If its Retro come say hello!

Come join the show!

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